Telling Our Story

2014-04-21As a regional planning commission we have a strong sense of what makes the Strafford Region unique. This is helpful in examining and understanding the existing conditions of our area. While we could write an introductory chapter to our Regional Master Plan with this knowledge, in our view it is vital to capture the voices of those residing and working in the Strafford Region. In order to capture a variety of narratives, we chose to interview individuals in our communities.

While in the beginning stages of this process, we have already had the opportunity to talk with some very insightful individuals. Middleton resident and preservation advocate Cheryl Kimball shared that the community in Middleton is a factor that enhances her already evident sense of town pride. She shared that while you might not see your neighbors on a consistent basis, they are always there to lend a hand when you need it. She also shared her passion for historic preservation, and in particular her work to renovate the Middleton Old Town Hall. She described the importance of preserving these types of buildings adding that they become a part of a shared history as many residents have memories involving the Old Town Hall.

Cynthia Wyatt, one of the founders of Moose Mountain Regional Greenway, shared her passion for the great outdoors when talking about her family’s property at Branch Hill Farm. She explained how she grew up coming to NH in the summers to spend time on her grandparent’s farm in Milton. Explaining that conservation efforts are important in the region, she talked about her father’s role in instilling the importance of open spaces and regional greenways. Education of individuals about this importance is essential for residents and visitors alike to fully understand how these efforts can help preserve water resources and air quality in the region.

When interviewing Allan Krans from the Dover Housing Authority it was evident that he is proud to call Dover home. Citing the diversity in residents due to the availability of affordable and public housing, Krans stated that Dover does their fair share to encourage this socioeconomic diversity. Active on many boards and committees Krans explained the importance of community collaboration among such organizations, as well as business, as essential for the growth of a healthy community.

In continuing our interview process we ask for suggestions of potential interviewees who live or work in the region. If you know anyone, or you yourself are interested, email Shayna Sylvia at


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