SRPC Outreach at the Middleton Yard and Craft Sale

IMG_1578_1On Saturday June 22, 2013 SRPC staff attended the Middleton Yard and Craft Sale in an effort to talk with citizens about their vision for the future of Middleton, the Strafford Region, and the state. The event was comprised of booths selling items from handmade pottery and baked goods to the typical array of yard sale items. There was a strong sense of community among sellers and browsers.  Thirty participants shared their thoughts about what makes the Strafford Region a place they are proud to call home, and also what could make it even better.

As a whole, participants expressed that recreation and environment, community, and public safety were important elements concerning what they like about living in the Strafford Region. A  consolidated list of the results can be found below:


  • Enjoys the peace and quiet
  • Like the sense of community and privacy.
  • Friendly communities and people
  • Close-knit communities

Recreation & Environment

  • Enjoys outdoor activities
  • Open space

Public Safety

  • Our police, fire, and EMTs are hard working
  • Feel safe

Participants also expressed some concerns over areas they believed could use improvements. The top areas participants identified as needing improvement included: business/economy, education, and government. Their concerns were as follows:


  • Overall economic improvements
  • Increased business in rural areas
  • More businesses and jobs in Middleton


  • More funding for education
  • Middleton should change school districts; better education for less money
  • Improved school system


  • Need to cut expenditures/lower the taxes; taxes too high

Overall, the event was very successful and the opinions shared will be helpful to SRPC staff when writing the regional Master Plan. Our thanks to the citizens of Middleton.