Using Interactive Technology to Reach New Audiences


From sleek to boxy, shiny new electric vehicles lined the rows of the Pettee Brook Parking Lot for Durham’s first drive electric day in September 2015. This was an exciting day for the Town of Durham as they joined in on National Drive Electric Week and unveiled their second electric charging station.  The first, located at the Durham Public Library, was installed in 2013.

In addition to the displays of Tesla, BMW, and other electric vehicles, there were booths staffed by sustainability based organizations looking to share their work and engage attendees. Strafford Metropolitan Planning Organization staff setup alongside companies like Revision Energy and Next Gen Climate, to talk about their work with transportation planning. Staff talked with individuals about the use of electric vehicles and other sustainable transportation practices.

At this event Strafford MPO staff had an opportunity to utilize new technology, and more specifically an application, allowing participants to take an interactive survey via SRPC ‘s iPads. The technology, Quick Tap Survey, is an application-based software allowing staff to create an interactive survey that can be completed on an iPad, or other mobile device. This was especially useful as the survey, once downloaded to the app on the device, could be taken without the device having a Wi-Fi connection. The temporary survey data would save to the device and be uploaded to the internet database once a Wi-Fi connection was available.  This feature was one of the key reasons that Strafford MPO chose to use Quick Tap Survey.

For this event, Strafford MPO staff utilized QuickTap to engage attendees who may not have wanted to talk directly with SRPC staff, but still wanted to share their input. The application allowed SRPC staff to create a survey with a variety of multiple choice, scale-based and open-ended questions.

Overall, Strafford MPO staff enjoyed getting to talk with individuals at Durham’s Electric Vehicle Day and gather input on participants’ thoughts and opinions concerning transportation in the region. Strafford staff also utilized Quick Tap Survey at their September 24, 2015 Metro Plan Kickoff and Open House, allowing Commissioners to share their thoughts.  Overall, Strafford staff found Quick Tap Survey to be a great tool to engage individuals concerning transportation in the region, and are using it for outreach for other projects.

For more information on QuickTap Survey visit, For questions on Strafford MPO’s use of Quick Tap Survey contact Shayna Sylvia, Communications and Outreach Specialist at, or at (603)994-3500.