The Shaw Brothers: NH Legends

shaw bros

At the October 16, 2013 NH Executive Council meeting, The Shaw Brothers were invited to perform several songs including their well know “NH Naturally”, dubbed the New Hampshire Song. This song, one of the eight honorary songs in the state of NH, was officially named a state song in 1983. At the meeting, Rick and Ron Shaw received a commendation for their service to the State of New Hampshire, and as Councilor Ray Burton shared, “this is a great meeting, can’t get much better than The Shaw Brothers …..”

Rick and Ron Shaw began their singing careers at a young age, harmonizing to cowboys songs with their father. The brothers, who attended UNH beginning in the fall of 1959, began singing on campus at events and fraternities, and were soon taking their act all over New England. In 1962, the brothers, along with a few college friends, received top honors at the first National Inter-Collegiate Music Competition.

Over the years Rick and Ron would move around to and from different record labels and be a part of various music acts, some of which included the Windjammers, the Tradewinds, the Brandywine Singers, the Pozo Seco Singers, the Hillside Singers, and now, simply The Shaw Brothers. As the Hillside singers they recorded the popular Coca-Cola commercial song  “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (in Perfect Harmony),” after the music director on the Coca-Cola account, Billy Davis, wanted to create a record version of the commercial. This song rose to number 13 on the pop charts. They were also featured on American Bandstand, the Tonight Show, the Johnny Mathis Show, and ABC Wide World of Entertainment among others. Given the title “New Hampshire’s musical ambassadors to the world” by the late Governor of NH Hugh J. Gallen, the Shaw Brothers are a significant part of the history and culture of our Granite State.

SRPC would like to recognize the Shaw Brothers and congratulate them for being honored by the Governor and Executive Council. Congratulations Rick and Ron- you are the best!

Listen to “NH Naturally” by The Shaw Brothers


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