Strafford Regional Planning Commission Commutes Smart


This past May, Strafford Regional Planning Commission staff participated in the Commute Smart B2B Challenge, which encourages participating companies from the New Hampshire seacoast area to choose environmentally conscious commuting options. As part of the May B2B Challenge, SRPC staff biked, bussed, carpooled, and telecommuted to our office in Rochester, NH from all over the state: Jackson, Bartlett, Kingston, and Dover!

Our nearest commuter, Regional Transportation Planner Colin Lentz, took advantage of the sunny days in May to bike 14 miles (in total) to work for the month. Data Collection and Analysis Assistant Stef Castella was our farthest commuter, traveling from Jackson, NH; that’s 72 miles EACH WAY! Luckily, she teamed up with Regional Planning and Communications Assistant Lynn Cherry to carpool from Bartlett, NH to Rochester, NH, reducing about 432 miles in travel for May. Let’s not forget our Dover delights: Shayna Sylvia, James Burdin, Nancy O’Connor, and Cynthia Plascencia. They all took turns carpooling throughout the month, for a collective 132 miles of smart commutes! Check out all the ways our team commuted last month.


These trips earned us second place for “Most Trips” in the small company category.  Congrats to Harbour Light Strategic Marketing for winning first! We are so proud of our staff for working together to make smart commuting choices this month, and we are excited to continue these habits into the summer as we participate in the commuteSMART Club Challenge, which runs June-August. For more details on the challenge, visit