Stephen Geis

Name: Stephen Geis

Position: Data Collection Intern

How long have you worked for SRPC? Since June 2019, so about 7 months.

Where did you go to college and what did you graduate with? I am currently a senior at the University of New Hampshire and will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in geography in May 2020.

What is your role here at SRPC? An assistant GIS analyst and data collection intern.

What’s one of your favorite projects or things that you’ve done while at SRPC? Pathways to Play was interesting because it integrated an outreach component to a project with the GIS platform. It was cool to see the many parts of the project come together between outreach, GIS and report write ups. It allowed me to learn how to use GIS a little bit better because I had previously only taken one introductory GIS class. This project really allowed me to dig in and learn more about GIS.

I played a role in getting the data from the municipality, importing the information into GIS and displaying it in a map format. I also assisted with data QA/QC and coordinating with the town to get more information related to their recreational sites. It required me following up with a lot on various pieces of information.

Share a picture of a place, or past-time that you would use to describe your “happy place.”

What’s your favorite food? Chicken parm, either homemade or from a restaurant; either one is great!

Where did you grow up and one thing you love about that area? I grew up in Exeter, NH. I’ve lived there for 20 years. My favorite part about living in Exeter is the integration of the younger and older residents. The town has a lot of age diversity due to the location of Philips Exeter Academy, more than in other similar sized towns in the state. This almost make it seem like a college town, which is cool.

What song would you choose to start a dance party? Do You Wanna Know by the Artic Monkeys. I listen to 90s funk a lot!

What’s your favorite thing about working for SRPC? The assistance I get every day. Jackson, our GIS planner, has really taken a mentorship role. He will even talk through his solo projects before doing them to help me learn more about GIS. I like that everyone gives me the opportunity to take the mouse and work on my own projects.

Being able to have co-workers there for assistance and teaching me something in a closer, more intimate environment has been great. Jackson, and our previous GIS Planner Marcia Moreno Báez have really expanded my GIS potential, and have helped me grow my related professional skillset.

Name two movies that you could watch over and over? Step Brothers, and Avatar (the one with the blue people).

What’s an accomplishment that you are very proud of? Winning the New England-St. Lawrence Valley Geographical Society GeoBowl two years in a row. That was 2018 and 2017.

What’s your most used gif/emoji?


What is one thing you can’t live without? Definitely my car because I can’t get anywhere without it!

Where is your top wishlist travel destination? I would love to go to Russia. While I wasn’t able to study abroad I knew I would have wanted to go to Russia after having taken Russian for two years at UNH. I also like the idea of visiting there because it would be something different than anything I’ve experienced before. It was interesting to learn a whole different language that was so unique from the other language I had learned in high school.

Go to ice-cream flavor? Go to pizza topping? Cookie Dough. For pizza, probably peppers and onions.

Favorite quote or song lyric? Tough times don’t last, tough people do. I don’t know who said it, but someone did.