SRPC Wins B2B Challenge with ‘Most Sustainable Trips’


Left to Right: SRPC Staff Members Shayna Sylvia, Liz Durfee, Matt Sullivan, and Kyle Pimental

According to research from the 2014 National Household Travel Survey, 75.7% of U.S. commuters drive alone. The other 24.3% carpool, take the bus, walk, bike, or use the subway to get to work. In an effort to encourage individuals to try methods other than driving themselves to work, local Transportation Management Authority commuteSMARTseacoast held a commuting challenge from June 8th-June 19th 2015.

The Seacoast B2B challenge encouraged Seacoast businesses and their staff to explore alternate methods for commuting to work. Overall, 260 individuals from 12 businesses participated in the event. Over the two week period every single one of SRPC’s staff members participated at least once by walking, biking, taking the bus or carpooling. Logging 50 trips, and over 1,289 miles, SRPC won the ‘Most Sustainable Trips’ award! This was a great team effort and included carpool trips (and bicycling) from Portsmouth, bus rides from Dover, and walking in Rochester. SRPC staff members had a great time competing in the commuteSMARTseacoast B2B Challenge. It challenged staff to explore a variety of sustainable ways to get to work. It also showed staff how fun and easy commuting can be.

This initiative will hopefully encourage others in the Seacoast, and in the state, to rethink how they commute! SRPC staff continued the efforts with the start of this week by carpooling from Portsmouth, and from Northwood to Concord. Staff members plan to keep up the efforts and encourage others to try commuting sustainably as well!

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