SRPC Congratulates LCHIP Grant Awardees

SRPC is proud to share that six regional projects are receiving funds from the LCHIP grant program. Overall 39 projects are receiving LCHIP funding in this grant round. LCHIP is the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program and awards grant for statewide projects on a yearly basis. Out of the projects awarded grants this year, 28 are historic resource projects, while eleven are concerned with land conservation.

SRPC would like to congratulate all projects receiving funding, as well as to thank Governor Hassan and the Legislature. The LCHIP Board Chair Doug Cole shared, “The Board of Directors greatly appreciates the support of Governor Hassan and the Legislature’s decision to provide the full funding for LCHIP’s important grants.”

The six projects in the region include: the purchase of Conservation Easement on the Isinglass River in Barrington; the purchase of Conservation Easement and Fee between Pawtuckaway State Park and Great Bay in parts of Newmarket; restoration of the Town House in Milton; stabilization of the Old Town Hall in Middleton; repairs to the NH Farm Museum in Milton; and the purchase of Conservation Easement by Bear-Paw Regional Greenways in parts of Strafford.


LCHIP Projects in the Strafford Region

Isinglass River-Calef (Barrington)

Out of the six projects awarded LCHIP grants in the region, the largest is for the purchase of Conservation Easement along the Isinglass River. This purchase by the Natural Resource Conservation Service (Wetland Reserve Program) will include over a mile of frontage on the Isinglass. The Trust for Public Land has also aided in the purchase of this land.

Jones Farm, Milton (1777)

This historical resources project submission by the New Hampshire Farm Museum was awarded in order for them to perform repairs to Jones Farm. These repairs will include foundation repairs, drainage improvements, sill replacement; mold, mildew, and asbestos remediation.

Milton Town House (1803)

Funding received by the Town of Milton will be used to restore the interior wooden pine floors in their Town House.
Crooked Run (parts of Strafford)

The grant award administered to the Bear-Paw Regional Greenways will allow for the purchase of Conservation Easement on 488 acres that was previously Boy Scout camp land.

Middleton Old Town Hall (1812)

The Town of Middleton received funding for the stabilization of the Old Town Hall. This building is the only town-owned building, and the funds will be used to repair the foundation, for mold abatement, and for structural support of the second floor.

Growing Pawtuckaway to Great Bay Greenway (parts of Newmarket)

The Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire will use their award grant money to purchase Conservation Easement and Fee on 462 acres of land that will advance the creation of a greenway between Great Bay and Pawtuckaway State Park.


Again, SRPC would like thank Governor Hassan and the Legislature for their support of the LCHIP program, and congratulate all projects that received funding. We are happy to share the good news with you.