Strafford Region Surveys

Image of SRPC survey card

Survey card used in Public Outreach efforts.

Master Plans, Regional Master Plans, Vision statements. These guiding documents are how many municipalities determine their future.

But how is the public’s opinion incorporated into these documents?

Simple, we ask.

As SRPC prepares the 2015 Regional Master Plan, we are out in the region doing just that. Our survey teams have attended over 15 public outreach events beginning with the Newmarket Heritage Festival in September 2012. The goal has been to conduct two outreach events a month. To date,  we have heard from over 900 participants, and the numbers are steadily growing. Other specific events we attended include:

  • Apple Harvest Festival
  • UNH Business Expo
  • Winter Farmer’s Market
  • McConnell Center Blood Drive
  • Catapult Seacoast Event (Seacoast Young Professionals business organization)
  • Armed Forces Day
  • UNH Outreach at the Memorial Union Building

SRPC’s most recent outreach efforts have been focused on local school districts. SRPC contacted the following schools and dropped off comment cards for faculty and staff to fill out sharing their input. The following schools that are currently being surveyed include:

  • Northwood School
  • Coe Brown Academy in Northwood
  • Nottingham School
  • Strafford School
  • New Durham School
  • Henry Wilson Memorial School 4-6
  • Henry Wilson Memorial School 7-8
  • Valley View Community School
  • Oyster River High School
  • Oyster River Middle School
  • Moharimet School
  • Barrington Elementary School

SRPC looks forward to hearing what school faculty and staff  like and what they think needs improvement in our region. If you would like to share your thoughts, you can participate too by going to and then clicking the “Share Your Idea!” button.