Broadband 2015: The Connection to New Hampshire’s Future


Beginning in 2010, Strafford Regional Planning Commission (SRPC) staff began working on the New Hampshire Broadband Mapping and Planning Program (NHBMPP). This 5-year initiative allowed each of the nine regional planning commissions to understand where broadband is currently available in New Hampshire, how it can be made more widely available in the future, and how to increase broadband adoption and utilization.

The project was comprised of two primary components: mapping and planning. The planning component resulted in the creation of nine regional broadband plans, one from each regional planning commission. SRPC adopted the Strafford Regional Broadband Plan in January of 2015.

Mapping components, some of which were included in the plans, included a community anchor institutions database, a municipal cable franchise agreement database, and broadband service and availability information.

The information compiled by the nine regional planning commissions was then submitted to the NH Office of Energy and Planning to be consolidated into a comprehensive statewide resource. The result, Broadband 2015: The Connection to New Hampshire’s Future was released in June of 2015. This report provides an overview of findings related to broadband availability, affordability, and adoption in the state. It also provides priority broadband recommendations based on the research performed by each of the RPCs.

SRPC is excited to share this resource with our municipalities, stakeholders, partners, and others in the region and state. To learn more about NHBMPP visit