Bringing Back the Beanhole Bash


For the first time in over 16 years the Town of Northwood brought back its annual Beanhole Bash. This event, which began in the mid-1970s, is centered around bringing the community together for good old baked beans, family activities, and town comradery. This year’s event featured multiple booths of crafters and community organizations, along with activities for all ages. A road race was held as part of the festivities as well.

Strafford Regional Planning Commission was in attendance to ask individuals what makes them proud to call Northwood and the region home, as well as what could make it even better. Individuals had lots of positive comments concerning recreation opportunities. These included access to the mountains, lakes, and forests allowing for a plethora of recreational activities. In addition, many community members mentioned the positive educating force that is Coe Brown. Overall, participants liked the Northwood and its’ rural setting and country feel.

Potential improvements that participants mentioned included: more funding and enhancements to the elementary school, and more after school programs for children. Individuals also identified a need for more jobs and small businesses in the region. Another concern relevant to the community events taking place, was that citizens would like to see more community events and community involvement in general.

SRPC would like to thank the Town of Northwood for having us at the Bean Hole Bash, as well as a special thanks to Victoria Parmele for recommending SRPC attend this community event for outreach. SRPC was glad to be a witness to Northwood resurrecting this age-old tradition.